Thanks to Augmented Reality and our advanced technology in machine vision Arsoft is capable of implementing systems for guiding operators in complex industrial processes, this is what we call ARGP (Augmented Reality Guiding Process). Users will see in a smartphone, tablet or Augmented Reality glasses, indications to be guided in every moment. Thanks to ARGP we can improve training times and production times in these processes. Also the number of human errors will be reduced because with this system is very simple to successfully complete each one of the stages.

Guidance in Industrial Processes

It is a reality that in recent years has increased the complexity of the service and maintenance processes in industrial environments, following the increasing technical complexity of the products developed.

Thanks to our systems, workers will see the action to be carried out at all times by Augmented Reality scenes that will overlap the objects that must be manipulated, to get very clear indications in order to avoid any error in each phase of the process.


Advanced Computer Vision

In Arsoft we took years of research in the field of artificial vision to improve the efficiency of 3D objects recognition algorithms and guidance systems in complex industrial processes.

Thanks to our systems we can recognize the parts involved in a process and distinguish in what stage of it a worker is, to offer all indications through Augmented Reality. Over two years of experience in the development of this technology and these systems allow us to offer reliable AR systems.

Some objects are too simple to be recognized, then our system uses another technology to be able to go on with the augmented reality explanations.


Using ARGP you will get many advantages that will increase your company competitiveness:

  • Better learning curve, saving time while teaching new employees
  • Occupational hazard prevention: ARGP tells employees about different risks
  • Better productivity: Users will have all the information they need to finish all the stages successfully in a hands free device: indications, warnings, plans, manuals…

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