With Virtual Reality we introduce the user in a virtual world where they will be able to see anything, from touring a museum, discovering a company, studying a building before it is built …

Virtual tours can be done in three different ways:

  • Recordings, images and renderings 360: Our team will make 360 ​​recordings with specialized recording devices to be able to design a virtual interactive tour completely realistic. If our customers also have 3D models, we can perform 360 renderings from these models to create a realistic looking virtual tour based on existing virtual recreations, with minimal cost.
  • Virtual Recreations: Ideal to visit places that do not exist, that can not be recorded or simply to make a visit with a 3D feeling and depth that will impact all users.
  • Fusion of the previous two: This option is perfect if you want to combine the potential 360 recordings, which brings maximum realism, with 360 renderings and 3D virtual recreations.


In ARSOFT we have worked with different clients in the creation of virtual visits very different from each other, combining different technologies and forming products such as the following:

  • Virtual Reality Application for Android and iOS allow the user to know perfectly the interior of a school that has not yet been built. This project was carried out for an important Spanish construction company as part of the proposal, where the evaluator will be able to better understand the project to be executed, navigating inside and discovering the most important features thanks to Virtual Reality.
  • Virtual presentation of a company in which you can see with glasses of Virtual Reality all its headquarters, facilities and works.
  • Virtual tours of luxury homes.

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