ARcaddy will be your best caddy when you approach the field. Thanks to ARcaddy you will know the exact distance from your position to the flag, as well as all the bunkers placed near where you are. But it will indicate not only the distance but also the position where it is thanks to the Augmented Reality view. You will not have to guess where the flag and the bunkers are when they are not in your view, ARcaddy will point your location on a single glance. With ARcaddy you will always carry in your pocket the best free golf-assistant.

Augmented Reality

Know the distance and the exact position of the flag and pit bunkers at all times thanks to Augmented Reality. In this section there will be virtual elements that will indicate the exact position of the flag and bunkers, allowing a unique way to see not only the distance but also the exact position where you are.

ARcaddy will be your best guide both in fields in which it is played for the first time as in known fields, providing you with updated and precise information.


Satellite view

On the other hand, ARcaddy geolocates flags and bunkers from each hole and allows you to view them through a satellite view allowing you to know the shape of the field.

ARcaddy automatically recognize the golf course and provide all the information at once about holes and bunkers.

Golfe Course Management

Become an administrator by yourself adding new fields to the system. It’s simple, fast and thanks to you others will be able to enjoy ARcaddy at the golf course.

The system is designed so that in just a few hours you can enter all the information of a golf course. Thanks to this management module you can easily modify data from a golf course, such as the position of the flag within the green.


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