26 May


ARSOFT has developed an application for guided tours in the Roman Theater of Medellin, one of the oldest in Spain. This wonderful theater is located in Medellin, a small and charming village beside Mérida, 10 miles from Don Benito. Medellín is a historic town, as evidenced by the remains of Roman theater recently unearthed.

This impressive theater and can now be visited, and thanks to the ARmedellín App (available for iOS and Android), everyone will enjoy incredible guided tours with a unique guide: Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius. Metellus was a Roman politician and military stressed that was consul in 80 BC, and the city of Medellín was founded in his honor.

It is worth going to this place to spend the day and enjoy what remains of many centuries was an important point of Roman politics.

Do not miss these incredible views with Augmented Reality in the Roman theater in Medellin in Extremadura.

Guided Tour Augmented Reality

Visitas guiadas en Medellín con Realidad Aumentada gracias a ARSOFT

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