Based on the new technological paradigm of Augmented Reality, ARmuseum provides a modern and innovative system to offer guided tours in any museum. Using a mobile device, ARmuseum will show a customized set of explanations of the pieces visited by the user, going into detail about each of them in a unique way. Thanks to its indoor guidance system, all the points on the visit can be reached comfortably and quickly, without the need of a GPS system, and providing audiovisual content which will make the stay at the museum more enjoyable. And also do not forget about the possibility of enjoying a gymkhana inside the museum. Fun and culture at your fingertips.


Thanks to a three-dimensional virtual guide, visitors can get customized explanations of the different art works that can be found along the route. It does not matter the visitor’s mother tongue, as the guide will change the language for each person, and even offer accessibility options, such as subtitles.

In this way everyone can enjoy a guided tour without having to go in a group, comfortably and freely.

Try the latest innovation for museums.


Avoiding the use of sensors and GPS, visitors will be able to find their location and all the possible next destinations. ARmuseum will guide them quickly and intuitively, and also will offer audiovisual elements with the necessary information in order to achieve the desired destination within the museum.

Apart from the Augmented Reality indications with arrows, the application can show, step by step, how to get to the desired point.


As an additional feature, the system has a set of sections for training and fun, that will allow the user to test the knowledge acquired throughout the visit, with challenging games that will arouse the user’s curiosity about the different works, and even the ability to participate in interactive gymkhanas conducted within the museum, an experience that will make visitors inquire about the different existing works in a pleasant way.

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