Using POI geolocation techniques and augmented reality, ARvisit makes available to the user simply and instantly all information about any place that can arouse curiosity on a tourist that wants to know every kind of details about interesting emplacements within a given city, from its commercial spaces such as bars, restaurants… to the main monuments and heritage charasteristic from that place. An Augmented Reality guided tour shown will explain all the tourist attractions like a flesh and blood guide.

Custom Explanations

A virtual tourist guide will provide the necessary information about the desired points of interest, showing relevant features of each site. Such explanations can be adapted to the tourist’s requirements and needs, offering accessibility features such as subtitles, and translation options.

But ARvisit is not just another App to get information about a City, it will provide you with a touristic guide just for you. He will be able to speak in your language and will be always available to explain you what you are seeing in your visit.


POIs Location

Through the combined use of GPS techniques and Augmented Reality, ARvisit offers a POI location system which displays information about each place you visit using your mobile device’s camera, such as the distance from the user’s current location, a description, the nearest route, audiovisual content, etc.

With the Augmented Reality view, you will be able to discover what you have just around you.

Virtual Tourist Office

ARvisit provides detailed information about each POI, with extended details, such as descriptions, schedules, prices, addresses, contact details… Users will have the same information that they can get in a tourist office in the palm of their hand: restaurants, cultural heritage, leisure… Everyone can benefit from the application, as it can read what it’s displayed on the screen, helping people with visual impairments.

On the other hand, people in charge of the tourist office will get another App to manage easily all this information.


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