15 Oct

Augmented and Virtual Reality for children with dislexya

ARSOFT is participating, within the Erasmus + program, coordinated by the University of Burgos and in collaboration with other international partners, in a solidarity project to help children with dyslexia to improve their abilities through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

The system has been developed taking into account the skills that these children need to work harder, with the advice of experts from Spain, Italy and Romania.

In these videos you can see a demonstration of the system, designed as a video game to learn through gamification. The children are in a spaceship, and must travel to different worlds to get the mineral that will save each one of them. To get the mineral from each world, they will have to beat different activities in which they will practice different skills: laterality, memory, association of phonemes with syllables…

At ARSOFT we are proud to be able to participate in a solidarity project that can help children with dyslexia using Virtual and Augmented Reality as the main tools.


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