26 Aug

Augmented Reality in Advertising

In 2013, companies spent, all around the world, 516,000 million dollars in advertising.

More than 50% was invested in televisión. However there are cheaper alternatives, but none of them have the ability to show products as TV.

Imagine, for example, we want to sell a car. On television we could see a video of the car, and we can see it from different perspectives, moving… We don’t have this potencial in magazines, newspaper ads, posters…, because they are physical means that simply show static information. Moreover, with TV we can entertain people.

Augmented Reality has changed all this, because users can watch videos on the newspaper  images, 3D models of the products on a magazine or even realistic experiences. For example, we can see how a car goes off the magazine and starts spinning around us. All this entertain the user, in addition to providing very high capacity of products demonstration.

Therefore we have successfully eliminated all the negative points of advertising in traditional physical media by using one of the newest technologies that we have right now: Augmented Reality.

There are already many companies that use augmented reality in their advertising campaigns. We can see AR in many media, from magazines to posters in the street, as we saw in the last post.

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