21 Oct

Augmented Reality in Dubai

Dubai has always been at the forefront of innovation, and of course they are not going to forget about Augmented Reality.

Instead of using just health education brochures to teach about health, they have decided to use the potential of Augmented Reality to better teach their citizens how to fight certain diseases.

But Dubai’s investment in Augmented Reality goes beyond. According to some rumors, the police of Dubai will wear Google Glass in the near future. But, how are they going to use it?


For now, the introduction of these devices will occur in several phases. In the first one it will be used to identify vehicles that are alleged of violating traffic rules. In the second phase it will be used by detectives who are working with the police.

But the Google Glass will not only be used to recognize vehicles, it also can be used to perform face recognition and identify criminals. In fact, in USA, they are creating a database to perform this facial recognition, and soon it will reach the 52 million entries.

Anyway, Augmented Reality continues demonstrating everyday why it is the future.

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