This virtual simulator allows students and medical professionals to practice in the heart auscultation process as many times as they wish.

In ARSOFT we design interactive virtual simulators in which the user can practice any medical process, with the advantage of doing it autonomously, without needing a patient or a corpse, anytime, anywhere.

At ARSOFT we have a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals to guarantee the correctness of all the processes and virtual courses we design.

In this simulator of cardiac auscultation, the user will be able to hear the heartbeat from the different foci of auscultation, as well as to recognize what cardiovascular disease the virtual patient can have, once the auscultation is done. You can also show or hide the skin to see the position of the heart. Although in this system we have used a basic 3D model of the human body (we don’t need more), in other projects we use virtual human bodies with high level of detail.

As in other simulators, the user can manipulate the virtual world using a remote control, or even through another smartphone, thanks to the application developed by ARSOFT that turns any smartphone into a remote control for VR glasses.

Simulador virtual para auscultación

Simulador virtual para auscultaciónSimulador virtual para auscultación


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