26 Mar

Example of Augmented Reality in Education

Have already discussed in previous posts how Augmented Reality can be very useful in education since students can visualize in a realistic way concepts that would be impossible otherwise: composition of atoms, the vastness of the universe, the complexity of the human body …
In the following video we show that studying dinosaurs can be fun using Augmented Reality.


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18 Mar

Learn to undertake forum

On Monday March 17, 2014 was held in Valladolid, in the Ministry of Education, the forum “Learn to undertake”, attended by the Minister of Education Juan José Mateos, the Minister of Economy Tomás Villanueva and other personalities from Castilla y León.
Our CEO Santiago González Izard attended to this forum to tell his experience as an entrepreneur by creating ARSOFT.
The forum was a success and there was talk of some of the difficulties in undertaking right now, some tools that are available to entrepreneurs and other issues of great interest to the current economy.


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18 Mar

Augmented Reality for Military

It is expected that in the short term U.S. soldiers will have helmets that will incorporate something very similar to the well-known Google Glasses. This device will offer features such as distance measure and even represent three-dimensional information from a drone, allowing soldiers to study data from the land.

This helmet will be very useful for the military, it will use information about enemy positions, obtain the status of allies and even providing information such as maps or videos of items that can not be seen directly from the position of a soldier .

This project is still in its early stages, but we will soon begin to see them (hoping only on TV and for training).


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18 Mar

Augmented Reality in Medicine

At present there is a close link between technology and medicine. Both the computer and its derived branches have allowed medical professionals have certain tools to perform their skills quickly and effectively.

Today the doctor is who continuously makes use of a set of computer systems to make decisions, issue diagnosis and with their knowledge and experience are life-saving .

Since not so long ago Augmented Reality has begun to be a new tool for displaying elements nape views provide many more opportunities for professionals to carry out their work, thanks to virtual reality is efficiently combined with physical reality. In medicine there are solutions using this technology especially focusing on areas for representation and visualization and the analysis of biomedical images, simulation of physiological systems or training in certain specialties anatomy are found powerful support for its implementation.

We will not have to wait too much to see our doctor wearing Augmented Reality Glasses!


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12 Mar

Project Tango

The new tool designed by Google, called Project Tango, allows you to perform an artificial reproduction of the environment around us mapping 3D space using a mobile device .
This represents a huge breakthrough in the world of Augmented Reality , as the problem augmented reality developers found sometimes is that we need to place virtual objects in a very specific point in space, and thanks to Project Tango now we have a perception much more accurate of user environment. Project Tango offers a wide range of outputs and its profits are sure to be quickly exploited by the market.
Citing Johnny Lee, Project Tango leader, in the same way that some cars warn of a possible collision, we could develop an App for Project Tango to guide blind people or to make cars drive alone. But instead of using proximity sensors, blind person would only have to use their Tango. This technology could be implemented on other devices soon, as in Google Glasses, cars ( for automatic driving )…
How it works?
For now it is a research project and we still can not say anything clear about how it will be when released, assuming it finally comes out (I am convinced that a device that is going to be really usefull will be soon on market) . However, we already have some of the progress that we can talk about.
First, Tango uses more devices besides the camera for mapping the environment. If we analyze the latest companies this internet giant has acquired lately, we see that many of them develop technologies that would be useful for Project Tango:

  • Nest acquisition by 3,200 M € : the newly acquired Nest has developed a sophisticated thermostat that could be used in Project Tango to collect environmental data . 
  • Acquisition of Boston Dynamics, among others in the industry of robotics. 
  • Acquisition of Deepmind , specializing in artificial intelligence startup whose software could come in handy for Project Tango.

In short, we can say that Google has very advanced technology that can be used to develop a device that will leave us astonished and will be a breakthrough for the field of augmented reality, among many other advances coming this year and the next.

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06 Feb

Augmented Reality training system

Augmented Reality is very useful to improve the learning curve in industrial processes. This method can be applied in most everyday matters as the one shown in the video below where the user is guided to extract the toner of a printer. However, it can be extrapolated to more industry oriented applications, for example to guide an operator in complex processes such as an engine disassembly.

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