30 May

Helping Industries to Innovate

At Arsoft, with the collaboration of Grupo Alava, we are helping companies in our country to understand how they can take advantage of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. Each company has different needs, we offer advice to find the optimal solution, taking as a fundamental basis the Return Of Investment.
The wave of Industry 4.0 is a wave that can not be missed, you have to take advantage of the moment and surf it to be able to keep up in the coming years. It is not about investing in technology or innovation because they are all doing it, it is about making the investment because it will make the company more productive. We see it clear: we must improve competitiveness through investment in innovation.

We are available to any company, large or small, to help them innovate and offer the best solutions.

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02 Apr

Interactive Virtual Reality Simulators

One of the most interesting advantages of Virtual Reality is the possibility of virtually simulate any situation. At Arsoft, we develop affordable systems that allow us to faithfully reproduce an environment, but above all allow the user to interact with that environment in the most realistic possible way. Within the wide range of sectors that can benefit from these simulators, we highlight two of them: the industrial field and the medical field.
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26 Nov

Sucess in our stand in INTUR

R&D in tourism

Innovation always creates interest. But when it is accompanied by a real application that improves some aspect of our lives, then it becomes something else. During these days, we are showing how R & D can also be applied in the world of tourism.
INTUR VIRTUAL REALITY ARSOFTARSOFT systems show tourists a 3D virtual guide that offers a guided tour in a museum, a city or even from their own homes, tourist offices, stand…

ARMUSEUM is a system of guided tours to museums not It has nothing to do with any other application of guided tours, offering every tourist a guide who speaks their language, moves and acts just like a guide to the flesh. It also offers many other options: indoor guidance, Gymkhana, minigames…

ARVISIT does the same but in open spaces, such as a city or natural park. It also offers guidance by GPS, Augmented Reality view of the nearby points…

VIRTUAL TOURS is a system of guided tours that take users into any place in the world while they get explanations about what they are seeing each moment. Thanks to virtual reality goggles the user has the feeling of being in all these places, while enjoying exclusive content and its own guide. Innovation in stands and tourist offices are the future, creating unique experiences.

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21 Jul

Urban robotics parasites

Gilberto Esparza is somewhat different from other artist. This visionary has created a set of robots that feed electricity grids and whose function is to form part of the urban environment. They are what we call urban artist parasites, and there are different families of these parasites.

These parasites are part of the urban space, both with his own presence as noise emissions, so we can say we are a city’s inhabitants.

It is clear that before we think we will start seeing robots walking the streets as a person, and this is the proof.

It is very curious how these robots to parasites that can be found in nature seem. This is the case CLGD, which has been classified as the family of poleápodos helminths and resembles a worm, at least in their movements.

The technology continues to surprise not every day is exciting to live this race for innovation and technological progress, we need only look 15 years back to realize how far we have come almost without realizing it. Recently we had no phones and now we take in watches, glasses and miniaturized devices. In fact, now the robots have become parasites living in our cities feeding electricity networks!

Parásitos Urbanos (Trailer) from dalia huerta cano on Vimeo.

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21 Oct

Augmented Reality in Dubai

Dubai has always been at the forefront of innovation, and of course they are not going to forget about Augmented Reality.

Instead of using just health education brochures to teach about health, they have decided to use the potential of Augmented Reality to better teach their citizens how to fight certain diseases.

But Dubai’s investment in Augmented Reality goes beyond. According to some rumors, the police of Dubai will wear Google Glass in the near future. But, how are they going to use it?


For now, the introduction of these devices will occur in several phases. In the first one it will be used to identify vehicles that are alleged of violating traffic rules. In the second phase it will be used by detectives who are working with the police.

But the Google Glass will not only be used to recognize vehicles, it also can be used to perform face recognition and identify criminals. In fact, in USA, they are creating a database to perform this facial recognition, and soon it will reach the 52 million entries.

Anyway, Augmented Reality continues demonstrating everyday why it is the future.

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