13 Apr

Colaborating with El Buho in Salamanca

ARSOFT is participating in the FORDYS-VAR project for the development of a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality video game for children with dyslexia.

At ARSOFT we are collaborating with the Pedagogical Cabinet El Búho, in Salamanca, which helps children with dyslexia as well as the elderly. We are committed to putting our little grain of sand to help society, and more specifically to children.

Virtual Reality has great potential as a pedagogical tool, since it helps to develop specific skills while children perceive the activities as a game.

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07 Apr

New office for a new moment

We have recently moved to the offices of the Scientific Park of the University of Salamanca, counting on a larger space that allows us to grow to respond to the new moment in which ARSOFT finds itself.

With a growing team, very soon we will launch a new product on the market with which we are going to revolutionize the digitization processes of training and maintenance content.

We will accompany this moment with the launch of a new website in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

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11 Dec

FORDYS & ARSOFT committed to the future of education

For a few months now in our company we have been developing a solidarity project to improve the situation of school students with dyslexia.

We wanted to do it and do it well. A Virtual Reality game to help children acquire those skills necessary for proper development in their life (personal and academic) but also exciting and attractive. A new way of learning and acquiring skills and never forgetting them.

And with research and a lot of development work we have done it. We have created a series of activities to be able to help each one of the students with dyslexia, each one with their particular characteristics and their own difficulties. All this in such an impressive environment that children will not even realize how much they are learning.

We are looking forward to seeing the youngest playing and enjoying these applications and sharing our results with all of you on the blog. For the moment, we leave you some images of the game

Stay tunned!

Actividad de mapas

Actividad de mapas


Adquisición de lateralidad

Adquisición de lateralidad

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09 Nov

Virtual interviewer

ARSOFT, in collaboration with SYLTEC and the CARTIF research center, is developing a platform for conducting interviews in a completely virtual way.

The system is available for web browsers through WebGL technology and for Virtual Reality devices.

With our VIT system, companies will be able to create their interviews so that candidates can access it completely virtual.

VIT incorporates natural language processing so that the interviewee can have a conversation with their virtual interviewer. The companies will receive the user’s profile, with a qualification indicating the degree of adjustment of each interviewee with the published job offer.

This project has been financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union and the Junta de Castilla y León, through the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León (ICE), with the aim of promoting development Information Technology and Communications for SMEs.

Firma logos ice y feder

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15 Oct

Augmented and Virtual Reality for children with dislexya

ARSOFT is participating, within the Erasmus + program, coordinated by the University of Burgos and in collaboration with other international partners, in a solidarity project to help children with dyslexia to improve their abilities through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

The system has been developed taking into account the skills that these children need to work harder, with the advice of experts from Spain, Italy and Romania.

In these videos you can see a demonstration of the system, designed as a video game to learn through gamification. The children are in a spaceship, and must travel to different worlds to get the mineral that will save each one of them. To get the mineral from each world, they will have to beat different activities in which they will practice different skills: laterality, memory, association of phonemes with syllables…

At ARSOFT we are proud to be able to participate in a solidarity project that can help children with dyslexia using Virtual and Augmented Reality as the main tools.


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30 May

Helping Industries to Innovate

At Arsoft, with the collaboration of Grupo Alava, we are helping companies in our country to understand how they can take advantage of Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. Each company has different needs, we offer advice to find the optimal solution, taking as a fundamental basis the Return Of Investment.
The wave of Industry 4.0 is a wave that can not be missed, you have to take advantage of the moment and surf it to be able to keep up in the coming years. It is not about investing in technology or innovation because they are all doing it, it is about making the investment because it will make the company more productive. We see it clear: we must improve competitiveness through investment in innovation.

We are available to any company, large or small, to help them innovate and offer the best solutions.

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