21 Oct

Augmented Reality in Dubai

Dubai has always been at the forefront of innovation, and of course they are not going to forget about Augmented Reality.

Instead of using just health education brochures to teach about health, they have decided to use the potential of Augmented Reality to better teach their citizens how to fight certain diseases.

But Dubai’s investment in Augmented Reality goes beyond. According to some rumors, the police of Dubai will wear Google Glass in the near future. But, how are they going to use it?


For now, the introduction of these devices will occur in several phases. In the first one it will be used to identify vehicles that are alleged of violating traffic rules. In the second phase it will be used by detectives who are working with the police.

But the Google Glass will not only be used to recognize vehicles, it also can be used to perform face recognition and identify criminals. In fact, in USA, they are creating a database to perform this facial recognition, and soon it will reach the 52 million entries.

Anyway, Augmented Reality continues demonstrating everyday why it is the future.

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18 Mar

Augmented Reality for Military

It is expected that in the short term U.S. soldiers will have helmets that will incorporate something very similar to the well-known Google Glasses. This device will offer features such as distance measure and even represent three-dimensional information from a drone, allowing soldiers to study data from the land.

This helmet will be very useful for the military, it will use information about enemy positions, obtain the status of allies and even providing information such as maps or videos of items that can not be seen directly from the position of a soldier .

This project is still in its early stages, but we will soon begin to see them (hoping only on TV and for training).


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18 Mar

Augmented Reality in Medicine

At present there is a close link between technology and medicine. Both the computer and its derived branches have allowed medical professionals have certain tools to perform their skills quickly and effectively.

Today the doctor is who continuously makes use of a set of computer systems to make decisions, issue diagnosis and with their knowledge and experience are life-saving .

Since not so long ago Augmented Reality has begun to be a new tool for displaying elements nape views provide many more opportunities for professionals to carry out their work, thanks to virtual reality is efficiently combined with physical reality. In medicine there are solutions using this technology especially focusing on areas for representation and visualization and the analysis of biomedical images, simulation of physiological systems or training in certain specialties anatomy are found powerful support for its implementation.

We will not have to wait too much to see our doctor wearing Augmented Reality Glasses!


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04 Feb

Augmented Reality Glasses

Augmented Reality Glasses will revolutionize the world of mobile devices, and soon we will not need any other device. Whenever we talk about AR glasses, we mentioned the Google Glass, however, there are many other alternatives that look that could become worthy competitors to the Google Glass.

One of our favorite is Meta, ambitious glasses that come with a small pocket computer (the size of a cellular), which makes these glasses have an incredible processing power. They also allow us to interact with virtual elements, but why tell this if we can see it in a video.

As you can see, these glasses will give much to talk about and they will probably have great success, though, they should reduce their price: $ 3650 the most advanced version. If you’re interested, and do not mind paying this amount from July this year will be available.

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