22 Jan

Augmented Reality for skiers

Clearly Augmented Reality has much to offer in the world of sports , as some of the members of Recon Instrument demonstrated with the launch of Snow2.The Snow2 consists of a HUD ( Heads- Up Display) for practicing winter sports that offers an Augmented Reality vision that can provide data such as speed, altitude changes or the outside temperature. This HUD can be incorporated in different snow googles: Oakley , Scott, Uvex… It incorporates a dual-core processor , GPS, WiFi , Bluetooth, gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer , altimeter, sensors to measure heart rate and possibility to connect external cameras . Also you can associate it with your smartphone in order to receive incoming calls. Its price is not excessive if we consider the hardware offered: about 400$. Having in mind that Google Glasses cost about 1,500$, we can say that Snow2’s price is not excessive. Now we just have to check if they really fulfil their purpose and they are an element that we really have to take when we go to the snow.

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