25 Feb

Augmented Reality serving Industry and Tourism

Arsoft is about to launch the most innovative system of guided visits in the market. This system shows a three-dimensional guide that will accompany you on your visit to a museum and will make a personalized tour, without having to be accompanied by a group of people, in your language and with many options to visit make your visit more enjoyable: learning games, gymkhana inside the museum, videos to increase information …

Thanks to Augmented Reality the guide will look as a real guide; in addition, the application includes an indoor guidance system so you can find the picture you are looking at a time. Soon we will launch our first Beta version that lets you discover all that this system can do for you in your visits to museums.

Furthermore, as shown in the following publication in ARSOFT we have a technology that allows us to apply the Augmented Reality to the industrial sector, thanks to an advanced computer vision module. This system has great applicability in all industry sectors, such as aeronautics, nuclear, automotive industry and many others who can benefit Augmented Reality reducing training time and improving productivity in their production processes.

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24 Apr

Computer vision

Augmented Reality for Industry

The possibilities of Augmented Reality are still growing and it is more and more integrated into our daily activities. Guiding in different processes, from the most mundane to complex industrial processes, it is faster and easier when we have a tool that can follow our steps and tell us what to do every time.
Using advanced tools in computer vision we add to applications the ability to recognize objects and tell the user how to manipulate them in real time and as clearly as possible.
Here we show a demonstration of how it is possible to recognize and track each of the objects needed to perform a really simple task. This example, that includes different techniques of artificial intelligence, can be adapted to be used in many other tasks or processes to make them a lot easier. This way people will not have to waste time looking at the manual or asking someone to tell us how to do something: the App will tell us. Although we see a really simple task in the video, think that we could do the same for more complex processes, like changing the oil in a car or repair the engine of a plane. Possibilities are endless…

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18 Mar

Augmented Reality for Military

It is expected that in the short term U.S. soldiers will have helmets that will incorporate something very similar to the well-known Google Glasses. This device will offer features such as distance measure and even represent three-dimensional information from a drone, allowing soldiers to study data from the land.

This helmet will be very useful for the military, it will use information about enemy positions, obtain the status of allies and even providing information such as maps or videos of items that can not be seen directly from the position of a soldier .

This project is still in its early stages, but we will soon begin to see them (hoping only on TV and for training).


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06 Feb

Augmented Reality training system

Augmented Reality is very useful to improve the learning curve in industrial processes. This method can be applied in most everyday matters as the one shown in the video below where the user is guided to extract the toner of a printer. However, it can be extrapolated to more industry oriented applications, for example to guide an operator in complex processes such as an engine disassembly.

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