26 Nov

Sucess in our stand in INTUR

R&D in tourism

Innovation always creates interest. But when it is accompanied by a real application that improves some aspect of our lives, then it becomes something else. During these days, we are showing how R & D can also be applied in the world of tourism.
INTUR VIRTUAL REALITY ARSOFTARSOFT systems show tourists a 3D virtual guide that offers a guided tour in a museum, a city or even from their own homes, tourist offices, stand…

ARMUSEUM is a system of guided tours to museums not It has nothing to do with any other application of guided tours, offering every tourist a guide who speaks their language, moves and acts just like a guide to the flesh. It also offers many other options: indoor guidance, Gymkhana, minigames…

ARVISIT does the same but in open spaces, such as a city or natural park. It also offers guidance by GPS, Augmented Reality view of the nearby points…

VIRTUAL TOURS is a system of guided tours that take users into any place in the world while they get explanations about what they are seeing each moment. Thanks to virtual reality goggles the user has the feeling of being in all these places, while enjoying exclusive content and its own guide. Innovation in stands and tourist offices are the future, creating unique experiences.

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02 Mar

Augmented Reality in FITUR 2015

Arsoft has developed an Augmented Reality system for the stand of Castilla y León in FITUR 2015. The application allows tourists to see two guides, Ricardo and Guzman, who will welcome the stand and explain why Castilla y Leon is a unique tourist destination.
Thanks to Augmented Reality we can show an informative guide with who users can even interact. They will see the guide as if flesh and blood walked around with both phones and tablets but also using Augmented Reality glasses. They may also ask questions and the guide will answer them in their language. This is a unique and innovative way to inform users of an airplane, a building, a hospital, a stand… Furthermore, the guide can speak many languages and can talk with many people at the same time, and with no cost.


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25 Feb

Augmented Reality serving Industry and Tourism

Arsoft is about to launch the most innovative system of guided visits in the market. This system shows a three-dimensional guide that will accompany you on your visit to a museum and will make a personalized tour, without having to be accompanied by a group of people, in your language and with many options to visit make your visit more enjoyable: learning games, gymkhana inside the museum, videos to increase information …

Thanks to Augmented Reality the guide will look as a real guide; in addition, the application includes an indoor guidance system so you can find the picture you are looking at a time. Soon we will launch our first Beta version that lets you discover all that this system can do for you in your visits to museums.

Furthermore, as shown in the following publication in ARSOFT we have a technology that allows us to apply the Augmented Reality to the industrial sector, thanks to an advanced computer vision module. This system has great applicability in all industry sectors, such as aeronautics, nuclear, automotive industry and many others who can benefit Augmented Reality reducing training time and improving productivity in their production processes.

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02 Dec

Augmented Reality in stands

Augmented Reality is useful in fairs, not only to teach or explain products and services, but also to welcome a stand, explain how it is organized, the products offered…

“Junta de Castilla y León”, collaborating with ARSOFT, added Augmented Reality in its stand in INTUR 2014. In the next picture we see one of the assistants to the event viewing content in Augmented Reality.

ARSOFT is developing an innovative Augmented Reality system for using in exhibition stands of different areas. This system uses Augmented Reality and alternative devices to offer visitors a unique and unforgettable experience.

Realidad Aumentada en stand

Realidad Aumentada en stand

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26 May


ARSOFT has developed an application for guided tours in the Roman Theater of Medellin, one of the oldest in Spain. This wonderful theater is located in Medellin, a small and charming village beside Mérida, 10 miles from Don Benito. Medellín is a historic town, as evidenced by the remains of Roman theater recently unearthed.

This impressive theater and can now be visited, and thanks to the ARmedellín App (available for iOS and Android), everyone will enjoy incredible guided tours with a unique guide: Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius. Metellus was a Roman politician and military stressed that was consul in 80 BC, and the city of Medellín was founded in his honor.

It is worth going to this place to spend the day and enjoy what remains of many centuries was an important point of Roman politics.

Do not miss these incredible views with Augmented Reality in the Roman theater in Medellin in Extremadura.

Guided Tour Augmented Reality

Visitas guiadas en Medellín con Realidad Aumentada gracias a ARSOFT

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