All airplanes are periodically inspected to ensure that all component parts are in perfect condition. It is very important to spend as least time as possible in these inspections, since having an aircraft in the hangar involves a great cost, first of all for the cost associated with the space occupied in the hangar and secondly because while the plane is not flying, it is not being amortized and it is not producing benefits.

At ARSOFT we have worked with Airbus on the DAR project, which aims to improve the management of aircraft maintenance processes. The objective is to considerably reduce the time spent in the visualization and management of information related to the defects of an aircraft. With our system, the person in charge of maintenance of the airplane will be able to visualize at a glance all the defects, the status of each of them and information associated. In this way, the person in charge does not need to look for a reference on a computer, and go one by one looking for and reading the information of each of the defects. He/She will do all this will at a glance by simply pointing his/her mobile device to the plane. The system will recognize it and show the defects on it. The operator, in case of having the necessary permissions, can also modify each of the defects.

On the other hand, the system also considerably reduces the time taken in the data collection of the aircraft for the search and registration of new defects.

The system could also be installed on wearable devices, such as Augmented Reality Goggles, to make the inspection task more comfortable for operators.

VistaConfiguracionDefectosAirbusIn the previous image we can see a picture of the system in which we see an airplane with 8 defects, where 2 of them have already been solved, 4 are in process and 2 are pending. The attendant can see all this information by simply pointing to the plane with his device, and even add, modify or eliminate defects. This is just one example of how Augmented Reality can become a technology of great utility for industrial processes. See our section on Industry 4.0 for other related projects.

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