Create your own XR content to digitise your training processes, augmented maintenance manuals and much more.
We have the best Partners, experts in each industrial sector, to offer you digitised virtual content for your business at the lowest guaranteed market cost.
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What is EYEFLOW?

EyeFlow is a platform for creating content in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality designed to simplify implementing these technologies as much as possible, making the most of their advantages for training, maintenance support, marketing, engineering design, remote support, inspection support and much more.

Leading companies in their sector trust in us, using EyeFlow to roll-out the full potential of XR technologies in their organisations in a sustainable and controlled way, at a reduced cost and without depending on anyone.

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Independently create your AR and VR content

Save money on expert staff and materials

Increase your productivity by 350%, improving maintenance content

Reduce investment in AR – VR by 800%

Drastically reduce risks inherent to maintenance, processes, etc.

Exponentially improve the learning curve

Reduce human errors linked to processes, installations and remote maintenance by 700%

Reuse your existing resources (3D models, documentation, multimedia content, sketches)

Make the most of your IoT and Digital Twin data

Other benefits:


Save up to 70% on your training processes


45% improvement in process efficiency


Increase user motivation by more than 30%

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Highly compatible with 3D models: FBX, OBJ, STL, STEP, GLTF, JT, DAE, GES…
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Platforms: Windows, MacOS, IOS, Android
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Cloud and OnPremise hosting service
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Content integration with Moodle platforms
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Recommended setup: Intel Core i5, NVIDIA GTX 970, 8GB RAM DDR4
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Hardware: PC, MAC, IOS, Android, Oculus (Quest, Rift), HTC (Vive, Pro), Hololens, Magic Leap
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Integration with Remote Support Service
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Integration with digital twin
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Online mode/Offline mode
Making the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in industry more democratic
No code creation

Content digitalisation with no need for programming. Creating your own VR and AR content is simple and fast.


Publish content, manage access and export them so that anyone can run them.


You can integrate content on learning management platforms (LMS).


Access content created from a smartphone, computer, or Virtual or Mixed Reality glasses.

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