What is GPSIN?

GPSin is an indoor guidance app for mobile devices that provides to the user directions with Augmented Reality.

The most attractive and innovative experience with which you will never get lost in hospitals, airports, subways…

What can GPSin be used for?
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Recognition of the user's location without the need for any type of sensor or additional hardware
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User location based on environment recognition with different technologies
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Visualization of a 3D avatar that is the guide for users
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2D map view of the building with the routes
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Arrows that show the way with Augmented Reality
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The most innovative and engaging interior wayfinding system experience

How does it work?
Indicate your destination.
Let the app recognize your location in seconds.
Follow the directions of your virtual guide.


Directions in any language

Includes accessibility options

EAvoid investing in location systems

No maintenance required

Frecuent updates: invest in future

Enable and disable zones to adjust the directions