12 Dec


The future awaits us impressive gains. We are already experiencing the technology revolution where Augmented Reality is having a great importance for the possibilities it offers.
However, in this post we will talk about a subject that concerns us all: immortality.
It seems we are close to cheat death, as Ray Kurzweil said, one of the Google’s directors.
It seems that the tech giant is committed to a future in which humans can achieve immortality through nanorobots that we will have in our body and will allow us to eliminate diseases and provide us with the nutrients we need to live.
And Ray Kurzweil is not the only one who is convinced, José Luis Cordeiro, from the Singularity University, is also convinced that by 2045 humans will be immortal, since nanorobots prevent aging.
These nanorobots will be so small that they will not cure a pancreas, lung or heart…, they will go much further: having healing abilities at the cellular level, preventing cells from deteriorating.
Seeing how technology advances, humans will have to know quickly adapt to these advances, since technology allows us to improve different aspects of our lives, but only if we use it properly.

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