02 Apr

Interactive Virtual Reality Simulators

One of the most interesting advantages of Virtual Reality is the possibility of virtually simulate any situation. At Arsoft, we develop affordable systems that allow us to faithfully reproduce an environment, but above all allow the user to interact with that environment in the most realistic possible way. Within the wide range of sectors that can benefit from these simulators, we highlight two of them: the industrial field and the medical field.

Interactive Virtual Reality Simulators for Industry 4.0

In the industrial field, it is necessary to take into account the great amount of time that is used in the training of operators. This not only supposes a great cost for the training, but also for the period of time in which those workers are not being productive, which supposes in many occasions to delay the beginning of an activity. With our simulators we seek precisely to reduce that time by up to 70%, depending on each case. In addition, another added advantage is that said operators will not need the figure of a trainer, who is usually a more experienced operator. This implies that that operator will have to dedicate much less time to the formation of the new team, time that can even be reduced to zero. And finally, do not forget that the training will be carried out virtually, so it will not be necessary to manipulate real machines and parts, which may be operative for production.

As you can see, the Virtual Reality simulators allow to considerably reduce the budget that companies spend on training, that is precisely why companies are so interested in them.

Arsoft works in the line of two types of interactive Virtual Reality simulators: Virtrain and customized simulators.

Virtrain is a standardized system that allows operators to train especially in the operations of assembly / disassembly of machines or parts. It allows the operator to be trained in several levels of difficulty and can even evaluate their learning. It is an economic system whose objective is to make it very clear what the steps are, and the order of them, which must be followed to carry out an industrial process.

On the other hand, with our custom simulators we can simulate any industrial process, being able to implement the interaction with Virtual Reality gloves, which provide a higher level of realism: use of machinery, activities of an industrial process going through the different positions, assemblies. .. At Arsoft we also offer expert advice to companies completely free of charge.

Interactive Virtual Reality Simulators for Medicine

In the medical field, Arsoft is collaborating closely with Visual Med Systems. It is a Research Group of the University of Salamanca formed by neurosurgeons, radiologists, anesthetists, anatomists and other specialists who are the perfect complement to the technical team of Arsoft.

Currently we have already implemented from auscultation simulators to simulators for surgical operations such as scoliosis.

These simulators allow to show in an efficient way the different steps that make up a surgical process, both at a theoretical level and at a practical level. To achieve the best possible training, we merge real images and videos, recorded with 360 technology in real surgeries, with interactive 3D simulations. In this way, on the one hand, the user will be able to find himself in the middle of a real surgery while explaining the steps, and on the other hand he will be able to perform these steps himself, as many times as he wants and from anywhere. This is very useful for use in classrooms, as well as in congresses and fairs, giving the possibility to laboratories to show their products in an innovative and different way, but above all, in a didactic way.


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