¿Qué es NextMED?

NextMED is a platform that allows the automatic segmentation of medical images, generation of the 3D models of anatomic structures. It is a solution that studies and treats the results with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Our solution, tested by medical professionals, is the only platform in the market that covers the whole process from the obtention of the medical images to the visualization with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

What can NextMED be used for?
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Uploading platform of DICOM images
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Safe treatment of the information of the patients and medical images
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Propietary algorithms for the automatic segmentation using Artificial Vision and Artificial Intelligence
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Cloud points generation
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Generation of 3D meshes of independent anatomical structures
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Multiplatform: mobile devices, PC, Virtual Reality headstes and Mixed Reality headsets
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Platform for the study of 3D images
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Advanced chirurgical planning with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

How does it work?
Upload the DICOM files
The system will automatically segment the images and create a 3D model
Study and manipulate the 3D model with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.


Completely industrialized system: prepared for daily use in hospitals

We bring Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality closer to the doctors

Anatomical structure segmentation in a matter of seconds

No need to invest in hardware

Chirurgical planning in 3D