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How can we apply XR technologies in the defense sector?

How can we apply XR technologies in the defense sector?

The Defense sector has always been one of the pioneer sectors in the adoption of new technologies. It is therefore not surprising that this sector is one of the first to be interested in the application of XR technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality). ) in different processes such as those related to training or machinery maintenance.


Undoubtedly one of the clearest applications of XR technologies, and in this case more specifically of Virtual Reality technology, is in training.

It's as simple as putting on Virtual Reality glasses and selecting the specific process you want to train on. You can then interactively practice and repeat that process as many times as you like without risk. We talk about the concept of “learning by doing”.

Inspection and maintenance

Maintenance is carried out, once the staff has been trained, with the support of technical documentation available in 3D to be viewed with Mixed Reality. In this way, soldiers will be able to visualize on any weapon system the step-by-step instructions that they must follow to carry out a correct maintenance or inspection process.

Leveraging the investment made in digital twins

The Defense sector undoubtedly faces a challenge with the digitization of its maintenance plants, as well as its assets. This digitization implies obtaining a 3D model as well as the sensorization of the assets to obtain information of interest in real time from them. 

3D models are relatively easy to obtain: they can be ordered from the manufacturer or the 3D model can be created, either by manual modeling or by 3D scanning.

Sensorization, on many occasions, is included in the assets, and other times it is necessary to place sensors to measure parameters of interest, such as vibration, temperature or consumption.

Augmented Reality allows us to visualize all this information just by looking at an asset, which is a powerful tool for soldiers in charge of maintenance.


Simulation of situations

Thanks to Virtual Reality, soldiers can be put in different scenarios on which they must react correctly. They will be able to find themselves in any environment and situation, and see the rest of the soldiers in this "simulated virtual world". Specific situations can be trained before carrying them out, to carry out more advanced and trained planning.



The investment in XR must be carried out in a planned manner, following a strategic plan for technological integration with expert advice.

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