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Applying Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the industry

Applying Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the industry

Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Industry

In recent years, companies in the industrial sector have invested in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. But how have they invested? Have the investments made been converted into a long-term investment to improve processes?

The reality is that most companies have invested in specific projects in which they have applied Virtual and Augmented Reality, or have not gone through pilot phases or proof of concept.

The truth is that most companies are very clear that Virtual and Augmented Reality allow them to improve their processes:

  • Virtual Reality simulators considerably improve current training processes, decentralizing training, reducing investment in physical assets, allowing autonomous training
  • Augmented Reality improves efficiency in maintenance processes, since the instructions are much easier to understand than with traditional printed or PDF manuals
  • Human errors are reduced
  • Employee motivation is improved in training processes or when accessing manuals
  • The cost of training and process execution is considerably reduced


What is the problem?

Taking into account all these advantages, why don't all companies have their processes digitized with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

These are the three main barriers why these technologies have not been implemented in the day-to-day of industrial processes:

  1. The contents must be created by external companies, experts in Augmented and Virtual Reality. Or in some cases, companies have their own programming department that must create this content.
  2. Content management is carried out by external companies, so control over the processes is lost. If a change needs to be made to these processes, managing these changes is complex.
  3. The cost. The two previous points make the cost of implementing Augmented and Virtual Reality in a company too high.

So what is the solution?

At ARSOFT, we detected the above problems already in 2016. Our own clients were the ones who passed it on to us. At that time, our development team started working on what is today EyeFlow, a complete platform so that anyone, without any programming or 3D design knowledge, can create their own Virtual Reality simulators and Augmented Reality manuals, And at the same time!

EyeFlow is the only platform that allows this ability to digitize processes, with this simplicity, and designed for the industrial sector.

What is our goal?

We know that Augmented and Virtual Reality will be very present in the industry. Our goal is to ensure that, thanks to EyeFlow, companies can benefit from the advantages of digitizing processes with Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Are you interested? Contact us and get more information!