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ARSOFT attends the presentation of the winning startups of the V TrenLab Call for Proposals

ARSOFT attends the presentation of the winning startups of the V TrenLab Call for Proposals

On November 7th took place the presentation of the V TrenLab Call to which ARSOFT attended as the winning startup of the challenge "Training with Virtual Reality".

TrenLab, Renfe's startup accelerator, presented the V TrenLanb Call at the Railway Museum in Madrid, where they announced the five startups that, over the next few months, will be able to develop a pilot that provides a solution to one of the business challenges proposed for this fifth edition: Digitalization of Safety Systems, Ecological Transport, Training with Virtual Reality, Fleet Optimization and Metaverse Mobility.


Training with Virtual Reality

ARSOFT was the winning startup of the "Training with Virtual Reality" challenge. This challenge seeks to develop a Virtual Reality tool that integrates the training needs in driving, digitizing real infrastructure environments and specific vehicles, allowing to train situations and skills necessary to complement safety training for driving personnel.

In this context, ARSOFT's proposal involves the development of Virtual Reality simulators in which routes, driving cabs or places such as train stations can be recreated so that train drivers can train their skills and abilities in a safe environment, as well as reproduce as many times as desired possible incidents such as accidents, fires, adverse weather conditions or breakdowns.

Traffic safety is one of the main pillars in a company like Renfe, so safety training for driving personnel is essential and necessary. One of the tools that contributes to this training is the driving simulator, specialized in training driving situations from a generic vehicle in a limited infrastructure environment. These elements allow the training and continuous improvement of driving personnel, with an average of 35,500 hours of training generated annually.

In this sense, ARSOFT offers substantial advantages by improving the learning curve of the drivers, avoiding the use of real machinery and saving on travel, which also improves the sustainability of the project.

The project for the "Training with Virtual Reality" challenge has just started. During the next few weeks, the development of the pilot will be carried out, which will help to improve the training of train drivers, offering a more autonomous self-evaluation capacity, in which the operators can have access at any time to the different training contents from any device.