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ARSOFT participates in AWE USA 2023

ARSOFT participates in AWE USA 2023

AWE USA is one of the most important exhibitions of the XR ecosystem at an international level. It is held in Santa Clara, California, from May 31 to June 2, 2023.


This meeting brings together the most important global XR companies that offer innovative solutions based on technologies related to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (XR technologies). The goal is to guide thei ndustry's attention towards the implementation of this type of technologies and allow people from all over the world to learn, connect and grow with in the XR industry 

At ARSOFT we have two different solutions to facilitate the adoption of these technologies in two specific sectors: Industry and Medical. 

For Industry, ARSOFT has created EyeFlow, an authoring platform that allows to easily convert the documentation associated to the industrial processes into interactive 3D content that can be visualized with any of the XR technologies.?It is a solution that helps companies to digitize all their training and maintenance processes without high costs.

EYEFLOW is designed so that anyone can create their own immersive Virtual Reality simulator and Augmented Reality manuals without programming a single line of code with a completely independent drag and drop system.?EYEFLOW thus becomes a solution that helps companies to implement XR technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality) at a reduced and controllable price.?

In addition, ARSOFT has the best partners, specialists in different sectors (railway, naval, aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment...), who have EyeFlow experts in case a company wants to outsource the creation of content with EyeFlow. Whether a company creates its own content with EyeFlow or outsources this service to one of our official partners, it will always benefit from the fact that creating XR content with EyeFlow can save more than 90% of the costs compared to creating XR content with traditional techniques.



On the other hand, another of the solutions that ARSOFT is bringing to this event is NEXTMED. This solution allows the medical professional to study medical images and plan surgieries using XR technologies. Thanks to automatic segmentation, NextMed helps medical professionals to study and manipulate the 3D model of the organs or anatomical regions of their patients. This increases the surgeon's precision and safety when facing a surgery, since the system helps him to understand the structures and tissues of his patients, and to plan the surgery in a completely safe virtual environment.??

It is the only industrialized platform on the market that covers the entire process, from medical imaging and automatic segmentation, thanks to artificial vision algorithms implemented by the ARSOFT team, to its visualization with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which allows surgical planning to be carried out in simulated environments.


Over the last decade, AWE has become the most valuable global AR/VR community working to answer some of the greatest challenges facing humanity, and at ARSOFT we want to join that community to promote human progress through new technologies such as those related to Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.