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ARSOFT participates in Digital Enterprise Show

ARSOFT participates in Digital Enterprise Show

Digital Enterprise Show (DES) is the world's leading event dedicated to the digital transformation of companies. It is celebrated in Malaga on June 14, 15, and 16 under the slogan "Reimagine Business"

This meeting brings together the most innovative companies that offer technological solutions based on AI, IoT, Cloud, Cybersecurity, AR/VR, Data Analytics, 5G, and solutions specifically designed for Industry 4.0 and Digital Marketing, among others.

ARSOFT attends this fair, among other things, to make EYEFLOW known. An authoring platform that allows you to easily create interactive Virtual Reality simulators and Augmented Reality procedures for the industry. It is a solution that helps companies to digitize all their training and maintenance processes without incurring a high cost. EYEFLOW is designed so that anyone, in a few hours, can, through content digitization, create their own immersive Virtual Reality simulator and Augmented Reality manuals without programming a single line of code with a drag and drop system. EYEFLOW thus becomes a solution that helps companies implement XR technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality) at a reduced and controllable price.


On the other hand, another of the solutions that ARSOFT brings to this event is NextMed. It is a platform created to study medical images using XR technologies. Through the automatic generation of 3D models, NextMed helps medical professionals study and manipulate the 3D model of the organs that have to intervene. It is an industrialized platform that can be used in day-to-day hospitals. It is the only one on the market covering the entire process, from obtaining medical images to view them with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Digital Enterprise Show (DES)

Digital Enterprise Show is the world's leading event that brings together companies interested in the digital transformation of their businesses.

It is a B2B platform with high potential to generate business, raise the brand, strengthen intellectual leadership and business relationships with stakeholders. An opportunity to connect the local technological ecosystem with investors and essential international references.

Three hundred of the world's leading technology companies are present at this event, but not only. The Congress has 500 of the best experts, at an international level, on digital transformation. In addition, thousands of visitors discuss the digital impact on business and business competitiveness.