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ARSOFT, participates in "Salamanca Tech".

ARSOFT, participates in "Salamanca Tech".

Santiago González, CEO of ARSOFT, participated in theConferenceon Technologies and Entrepreneurshipof "Salamanca Tech", aninitiativethataimstopromoteinnovation and technologicaldevelopment in thecityof Salamanca. 

This conference allowed the students of the Faculty of Computer Science of the Pontifical University of Salamanca to learn about the different entrepreneurial opportunities offered by new technologies such as those related to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. These are technologies developed by ARSOFT. 

In this context, a round table of experts was held in which Santiago González had the opportunity to explain, among other things, what has been the evolution of ARSOFT since its creation in 2013 and how Salamancan companies have been able to experience the technologies we develop. 

There is no doubt that XR technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality) are attracting more and more interest, especially from young people who see a future full of professional opportunities. In this sense, fields such as software development, user experience design or multimedia content production are becoming increasingly important in the development of possible future careers. 

Also participating in the panel of experts entitled "Connecting ideas to shape the future" were Encarna Beato Gutiérrez, Vice Dean of the UPSA Faculty of Computer Science; Fernando Galindo Rubio, Professor and Dean of the UPSA Faculty of Communication; María de Miguel Hernández, Executive Director of Undanet; and Beatriz García Miguélez, Vice President of the Salamanca Association of Businesswomen. 


Salamanca Tech 

Salamanca Tech, the initiative that seeks to promote innovation and technological development in the city. Its mission is to make Salamanca a benchmark in innovation, combining the pillars of science, sustainability, entrepreneurship, technology, logistics and health. 

Salamanca Tech promotes the economic and technological fabric of the city through various activities, forums and conferences. These types of initiatives bring together entrepreneurs, investors and business people to create strategic alliances that promote disruptive ideas to make Salamanca a reference in innovation.