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ARSOFT and Navantia make progress in the development of XR systems

ARSOFT and Navantia make progress in the development of XR systems

ARSOFT continues to strengthen its relationship with Navantia, one of the world's leading shipbuilding and military shipyards. Both companies have signed an agreement to implement ARSOFT's EYEFLOW platform and XR technologies in Navantia's training processes, maintenance operations and Digital Twin.


Navantia is the leading Spanish public company in the design and construction of military ships and high-tech civilian vessels. It integrates systems and provides life cycle support, repair, modernization and technology transfer (ToT) services in 20 countries.

Its activity is focused on three areas: Shipbuilding and Ship Repair, Systems and Services and Green Energies.

After several years working with Navantia in the deployment of the potential of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies (XR technologies), ARSOFT has signed a Strategic Agreement to carry out the implementation of these technologies in an efficient, scalable and sustainable way.

Navantia is a company that places innovation as one of the pillars of its Digital Transformation Plan to continue growing and improving its products and services to its customers.

ARSOFT has positioned itself as a reference in the application of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies in the industrial sector. After several years of working in the naval sector, ARSOFT has a great knowledge of the sector, its current and future needs, its specificities and how companies can take advantage of these technologies, with an implementation plan that thinks in the present, but also strategically designed for the future and the new advances that will occur.

One of the advantages that ARSOFT can offer companies is our EYEFLOW platform. This platform, designed after years of experience working with the industrial sector, is focused on solving the different problems that companies face when sustainably implementing XR technologies.

It is perfectly feasible to spend relatively large sums of money on virtual simulators for a small number of tasks to improve employee training. But it is certainly not feasible if we want to use Virtual Reality in a company. The experts at Navantia know this, and they know that their ships have thousands of processes and technical documentation, so they have decided to use the EyeFlow platform as a technology to transform the traditional paper and PDF manuals of these processes into interactive 3D manuals that can become Virtual Reality simulators to improve the training of those who will actually use their equipment, or Augmented and Mixed Reality manuals to provide the operator with an advanced support tool when carrying out inspection or maintenance processes.

Thanks to this strategic agreement, Navantia will exploit all the potential of the technological advances that have been made and will be made in the coming years in the field of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies.

At ARSOFT, we are proud to work with one of the best companies in our country and in Europe, a benchmark of excellence worldwide.