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It is known that there is a need to transform the educational system due to new technologies and the use that they have, every day in a more present way, in the world of work.

Traditional teaching methods are no longer sufficient to achieve the academic goals that companies are demanding.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are revolutionizing teaching methods allowing students to enter immersive experiences comparable to those they will experience in the world of work.

Visualizing elements on a real scale, reducing the costs of training processes, forcing mistakes to learn from them in a safe environment and improving student motivation are some of the advantages of these technologies. But…

What is the problem?

Until today, the way to access content and experiences in augmented reality or virtual reality was through collaboration with external providers of these technologies.

This raises costs and reduces the scope of many centers or organizations to these contents, it also generates dependence on these providers since what happens if we want to change a process? How long will we have to wait to keep our processes adequate and updated? With the respective increase in cost in time and money in carrying out these changes.

What is the solution?

At ARSOFT we are aware of this problem, which is why we have created the EyeFlow platform, a solution that allows companies and organizations to be autonomous in the creation and management of their content and experiences in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

How does the EYEFLOW platform work in training processes?

As we have already mentioned, EyeFlow allows you to create and edit content in alternative realities. The creation of these contents is totally CODELESS and without 3D modeling, it works with a Drag & drop workflow in a simple and intuitive way.

Eyeflow is divided into two programs, the content creation part or EyeFlow Builder and the execution part of the EyeFlow Player content.

Through Eyeflow Builder we will create and edit experiences in AR, VR or RX, we will create directions to guide our users in the process, we can create tests to examine our students, we can even connect our models with IoT data.

Once the contents have been created, we can run them both on augmented and virtual reality devices, PCs and mobile devices through Eyeflow Player in which the processes can be carried out individually or through its collaborative module, promoting teamwork.


With EyeFlow we intend to make virtual and augmented reality available to everyone with the aim of democratizing its use. Our system is designed to facilitate the creation of content in record time, offering unique, customizable content at the best possible price.