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How the metaverse will be like

How the metaverse will be like

Lately, there is a lot of talk about the #metaverse, even though the concept is not new and neither is its implementation.

The metaverse is a completely virtual world where the users, we, can do whatever we want, or at least whatever this world was designed for.

This concept has been around for years in the world of video games, where you can buy, for example, a virtual gas station to earn money with it by selling gasoline to other players. Does it seem silly? Well, it is not, you can earn more money in these virtual worlds than in the real one.



But how do we get the metaverse concept out of the gaming world?

Let's imagine a near future in which we all have #virtualreality glasses in our homes, of very high quality and low cost.

We can use the glasses for example to go to the supermarket and make the purchase, with an experience similar to the real one, which has nothing to do with making the purchase from a web. In this virtual supermarket, I could meet my neighbor for example. It is still a social act, it is leaving the house, but from the sofa.

But there are many more opportunities for companies in this new world. Consumption habits will change. We will buy shirts with the logo of well-known clothing brands for our avatar, just for the sake of wearing them, just like we do in the real world.

We will buy better cars to move faster, or just for others to see that we can buy them, just like in the real world.

We will buy yachts to have parties, or to do business.

Of course, virtual meetings will increase. We are not talking about a simple videoconference, we are talking about being able to be virtually in a conference room with the avatars of the rest of the attendees and talk with them with a high level of interactivity: if we smile our avatar will smile if we frown our avatar will also smile. ...

The training of the future will also be virtual, from universities to the training processes of companies.

It is very likely that in a short time large corporations will start buying their virtual plots to build their buildings, in which to show their products and services. Or where your employees can work. These buildings must also be designed by someone, who will also be developing their professional activity in the #metaverse.

The virtual worlds that we will begin to see in the coming years have one thing in common: they require content. That is why one of the great professions of the future will be that of "virtual content creator".

Let's not think that this is a fad or a smokescreen on the part of big technology, the #metaverse, supported by #tecnologiasXR (#virtualreality, #reality, and #realitymixta), which are in continuous expansion, are closer than what we can imagine.