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The impact of Extended Reality on the industry

The impact of Extended Reality on the industry

The maintenance of industrial machinery is complex due to the large number of components involved, but it is essential to promote the useful life of the equipment. In this context, companies are increasingly betting on implementing XR technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality) to facilitate training and maintenance tasks and thus improve the productivity of their business.


Augmented Reality for troubleshooting with remote human support.

Something common in companies is to have a maintenance technician who must attend different departments and even different plants. This means that their availability cannot always be guaranteed in the event of an incident, which is undoubtedly a major problem for companies since every minute of downtime means assuming a large amount of economic losses.

Undoubtedly, incident resolution time is a key factor. In this sense, Augmented Reality has become one of the best tools for companies as it allows the maintenance technician to guide step by step unqualified personnel in solving the incident remotely.


Advanced virtual operator support.

Another interesting use of XR technologies, in this case Mixed Reality, is step-by-step operator guidance as an advanced support tool.

The concept of "guided support" with Mixed Reality refers to the ability to visualize step-by-step instructions to complete a task. We can see something as simple as arrows that tell us which part to manipulate, or which button to press, or more complex indications such as 3D animations that explain exactly what needs to be done. A company that wants to digitize its maintenance processes with this technology must bear in mind that the first step is to have the processes defined. And although this may seem obvious, the truth is that sometimes it is not so obvious. It is common for companies not to have all their processes defined, i.e., they do not have a standardized procedure for carrying out a specific maintenance task. Companies must understand the importance of this standardization, as it is the way to ensure that processes are carried out as efficiently and safely as possible.

 The advantages of using Mixed Reality technology to guide operators in the processes are associated with improved efficiency in terms of time spent, reduced number of errors, and increased occupational safety.


Digital workers 4.0

An ideal situation for an operator who wants to carry out a maintenance operation is to have, on the one hand, 3D instructions located in his environment and, on the other hand, to have the support of a maintenance technician. The idea is very simple: while the expert tells the operator what to do, step by step, at a given moment he can say "I am going to place the virtual machine with 3D instructions next to you so that you can see exactly what you have to do". The expert will select the process, which will have been previously digitized, and will place the 3D instructions it contains next to the operator.


Choose the best

In a globalized and interconnected society like the one we live in, we need more than ever to be more productive, more resilient, and more efficient. Technology can certainly help, but only if we invest in it properly. For this, it is key to have the right partner. At ARSOFT we are experts in the implementation of advanced XR solutions for Industry, with different value propositions and a proprietary platform that allows companies to invest sustainably in these technologies.