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Use of XR technologies for employee training

Use of XR technologies for employee training

Training processes have become fundamental in companies. They are key for workers to acquire the necessary knowledge related to the current situation of the company, understand the business objectives and become familiar with the different processes that make up the daily activity of the company.

Production processes change from time to time, as in the automotive sector, where processes change with each new vehicle model. In other sectors, such as machinery manufacturing, the cycles can be longer, but the processes are also optimized.

In all cases, good training, either for the employees themselves or for the end customer, is of vital importance to improve productivity or the service offered.

In this sense, XR technologies are a great ally. They allow companies to update or complement their training processes. And it is that the use of XR technologies for the training of workers supposes important advantages.

First, employees are trained four times faster with XR technologies than with traditional techniques; they are almost 300% more confident in applying the knowledge learned; They achieve a very high concentration, up to four times more than with another type of training. Finally, VR-trained users are much more emotionally connected to content than traditionally-trained users.

There are already many industrial companies that use these technologies as the basis of their training processes. At ARSOFT we help companies create an efficient implementation plan for these technologies, and with a controlled investment, thanks to our own platform that facilitates the creation of XR content: EYEFLOW. It is a "NoCode" solution designed so that anyone, in a few hours, can, through content digitization, create their own immersive Virtual Reality simulator and Augmented Reality manuals.

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