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Collaborative environments with Virtual Reality

Collaborative environments with Virtual Reality

Collaborative virtual environments are "rooms" in which users can enter, view a virtual environment and see other people, talk to them and even interact. It is what we call a multi-user environment, similar to the widespread video games of this type.
These environments have a great application in the industrial sector and the education sector. Below we will see some example cases.

Virtual training in collaborative industrial processes

In industry, industrial processes are not always carried out individually. On many occasions it is necessary to collaborate with colleagues to be able to execute all the steps of a task. Collaborative training in industrial processes for production, maintenance, support or diagnosis in a multi-user environment is one of the cases of application of collaborative virtual environments.

Engineering design review

These multi-user rooms open the possibility that Engineering departments can share internally, or with the client, the designs they carry out. Taking into account that nowadays any product is designed first in 3D, creating collaborative rooms to teach and study it is a perfect way to take advantage of these 3D models. Users will be able to see exactly the same thing while talking to each other and studying the different 3D models, each of them being in different locations, and accessing these rooms both from a PC and from Virtual Reality glasses.

Training classes

COVID has made us see that in many cases the education sector is not perfectly prepared for online training. Multi-user virtual classes, or collaborative rooms, are the perfect option to be able to teach courses or classes at a distance. The teacher will be able to create a virtual room and all the content that she wants to teach in the course, be it videos, images or even animated 3D models. On the other hand, students will be able to connect to the room and attend the class, listening to the teacher and viewing the prepared content in real time.

Virtual meetings in immersive environments

Another case of interest is the possibility of creating rooms with content already prepared for telematic meetings. In the last two years, meetings have been greatly enhanced with tools such as Teams, Zoom and many other platforms. In this case, it is about going one step further and taking advantage of 3D environments and Virtual Reality. Thanks to this type of meeting, you can show 3D objects and even interact with them during the meeting. These types of meetings are very useful for sessions that have a more technical nature.

Virtual Visits and Showrooms

Another application case is the possibility of creating your own virtual tours and showrooms: you can create your own virtual environment, include 3D models of products with all the information about them and create a room to show your clients the whole environment while you talk to them to explain your company to them.


As you can see, collaborative virtual environments open up many possibilities for different types of companies and entities. If you want to know more, contact us and our technical team will advise you on what you need.

The future is virtual, start to know everything that digitization and specifically Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can do for your company.

For example, in this video of a few seconds we can see how two people collaborate to fix the tiling of a street. In addition to being able to talk to each other and see each other's avatar, they can interact with the objects together, once the creator of the room has accepted the other person. Easy!