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Digital Twin through Augmented and Virtual Reality

Digital Twin through Augmented and Virtual Reality

Digital twins are presented as a new technology able to simulating and analyzing industrial processes.

It basically tries to generate the representation of a machine or a factory in its fully functional digital version, without the need for an on-site operator to make it work.

How does Virtual Reality technology help the creation and management of digital twins?

As a starting point, we are going to see how we would make the digital twin of any engine.

We would first need to 3D render the engine either with an exact model or with an approximate representation of the model that maintains the important action points and sensorization.

Once we have the sensorized model, through augmented reality, we can point to the engine with a mobile device and see the data that the engine tells us, temperature, revolutions per minute, operating time ... and any type of information that we want to receive from it, thus saving a lot of time and costs.

In the case of virtual reality, we can connect from anywhere through virtual reality devices and see the engine data in real time, we can even turn it on and off and perform tests from the virtual environment taking advantage of its interactivity.

Now let's scale this to a factory where all the machines are sensorized and we can, through simple Virtual Reality glasses and from anywhere, view all the data from the machines remotely.

What does the incorporation of digital twins bring us?

     - Predictive maintenance, ability to know in real time the status of a machine, create a system of alerts and status changes and control production.

     - Help tools for plant operators to know, just by looking at a machine, if it needs a process (both operation and maintenance) and how to execute it through a         guidance system.

     - Access to information on the status of machinery through a remote Virtual Reality simulator or through its visualization using a mobile device on site.