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IMPULSO reaches the demonstration phase in the test environment

IMPULSO reaches the demonstration phase in the test environment

ARSOFT continues to work on the Impulso project, which is now in its final stretch. In this last phase, the integration of the different components developed in the project with the operational test environment is carried out, as well as the validation through the performance of different manufacturing tests that ensure the correct functioning of the system in a relevant environment. .

The validation and machining tests have recently been carried out in the relevant environment of the demonstrator parts plant, applying Virtual Reality support to support the operators during the process and using all the data obtained from the digital twin of the machining process. Developed by Cubicoff. In addition, at ARSOFT we have developed an operator training methodology based on Virtual Reality, with the contents digitized in the previous phases of the project and the virtual training post set up for this purpose.

Subsequently, Sevilla Control has proceeded to make a summary of the objectives achieved during the project in which it has been possible to establish a procedure that adapts to the very specific casuistry of the parts manufactured by these technologies through the following sequential methodology :

1. Numerical simulation of the forces generated during machining.

2. Redesign of the component to be manufactured through the use of the digital twin and data obtained during the simulation

3. After manufacturing, a three-dimensional measurement of the element must be carried out to validate the existing geometric deviations.

4. Validation of machining strategies and tools to optimize the process.

5. Generation of virtual support that increases efficiency and reduces human error in the plant.

In this context, the Cybersecurity AEI executes an information security test plan, considering the different applicable scenarios. Specifically, it is a vulnerability analysis and pentesting to simulate the actions of an attacker to assess the level of exposure to system risk and determine the degree of security against a real attack.

IMPULSO is a project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain, the European Union, the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the Innovative Business Associations Cluster.

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