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Nowadays the term Metaverse is very fashionable since Mark Zuckerberg announced that his company Meta is working on its development. In fact, his announcement goes further, and establishes the Metaverse as one of his company's main lines of business for the near future.

But what is the metaverse and how is it going to change our lives? 


The origin of metaverse comes from the novel Snow Crash published in 1992 by Nel Stephenson where it deals with the creation of a virtual world based on the real world.

Meta is seeking to make Nel Stephenson's theory a reality by applying the scope of virtual reality technology. Already in his presentation, we could see that in this new reality we will have personalized 3D avatars and we will be able to interact both with the environment and with the rest of the users.

Just as we currently sensor machines and generate digital twins by bringing their behavior to a virtual stage for testing, the metaverse could be a full-world version of a large-scale digital twin.

Therefore, we can summarize that the metaverse consists of creating a whole virtual world, in which, ultimately, people could carry out their day-to-day activities, from working to shopping or meeting friends. A good example of this can be found in the film Ready Player One, by acclaimed director Steven Spielberg. A delight for science fiction lovers, although, as is often the case, science fiction eventually becomes reality.

What opportunities are associated with creating a metaverse?

It is clear that the metaverse for people as users can be a source of endless entertainment and content. But the metaverse is also a great opportunity for companies:

  • Events: virtual events very similar to face-to-face events that have been greatly diminished by the Covid crisis will be created. The metaverse allows us to create virtual rooms and connect with and interact with any number of users from anywhere in the world. For example, attending an NBA game or a concert from home.
  • Visits and showrooms: The cities, museums or exhibition hall could have a virtual tour where they offer users a cheaper and different tourist package, facilitating access to culture for people who cannot afford a trip. Companies could carry out OnBoarding processes generating a virtual experience or even include application rooms where interested users are trained through virtual reality content directly in the activities carried out by the company.
  • New virtual commercial lines: In general, shopping is an activity that we all carry out from time to time. With the metaverse, we will not only go shopping to acquire objects for ourselves, our family or our house, we will also do it for our avatar, our virtual home or our digital car. In fact, there are many video game users who invest their money in improving the appearance of their avatar, painting a weapon ... This will undoubtedly lead to the creation of new completely virtual businesses.

These are some of the opportunities that the creation of a metaverse entails, but you have to be aware of what the creation of these virtual universes implies and that many more opportunities will arise.

How will society evolve with the introduction of metaverses? How will it affect the economy? What impact will it have on society?

What will the jobs of the future look like?