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ARSOFT participation in FEINDEF

ARSOFT participation in FEINDEF

This year FEINDEF has proven to be one of the leading international fairs in the Defense and Security sector, with more than 12,000 visitors, 300 exhibitors and 75 international delegations.

The third edition is confirmed for 2023, where ARSOFT will once again participate as an expert company in the application of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies for the Defense sector.

Thanks to our technology and solutions, we allow companies in this sector, and public Defense entities, to access digitized content with XR technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality), at an affordable, controlled and self-managed cost. Companies can not hire experts to create Virtual Reality simulators for training, maintenance manuals with Augmented Reality or technical support systems with Mixed Reality for vehicle inspection, for example. Following this methodology, it would be unfeasible to have this type of content for all the processes of a battle tank, an aircraft, a ship, a submarine or simply any type of industrial machinery.

Thanks to our EyeFlow solution, it is possible to invest in XR technologies to digitize a large number of industrial processes at a controlled cost, while maintaining the ability to manage all content, its security and its integration into the systems already used by our different Armies, with the ability to integrate technical documentation in S1000D format.

At FEINDEF we have created practical workshops in which we have demonstrated how advanced, interactive and virtual content can be created in a few minutes. Specifically, we have created a simple process, as an example, for the Eurofighter aircraft, in collaboration with our partner SIMLOC. This strategic partnership allows us to develop advanced content for the Air Force, with the best experts in this sector.

We thank both SIMLOC and Fujitsu for their collaboration with ARSOFT at this fair. We will announce very soon our participation in upcoming events, both online events, webinars, and international fairs, with the aim that everyone can see the potential of EyeFlow, the most advanced authoring tool for the Industry and Defense sector, specifically designed for the digitization of industrial processes with XR technologies.

We have designed EyeFlow so that Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality can be implemented as technologies used in the day-to-day lives of companies, taking advantage of all the advantages they offer.