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IMPULSE project. Phase 1

IMPULSE project. Phase 1

At ARSOFT we continue to advance in the IMPULSO project. In this project we are digitizing the different machining processes of a part to support the operator who needs it through mixed reality technologies.

In this project, we work hand in hand with our partners Sevilla Control, Cubicoff, the Andalusia Aerospace Aerospace business cluster and the Innovative Cybersecurity and Advanced Technologies Business Group.

What is the role that ARSOFT plays in this project?

The main contribution of ARSOFT is the use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies for the virtualization of the machining process of metal parts manufactured by 3D printing.

To do this, at ARSOFT we have our own platform that allows us to digitize processes with XR technologies: EYEFLOW.

At ARSOFT we have launched a new version of EyeFlow Player, the platform that allows access to XR content, for Hololens Mixed Reality devices.

In this project, we have been able to verify, together with our partners at Sevilla Control, that the operators can use these glasses to ensure that they execute the process as defined, thus avoiding human errors and improving occupational safety.

In addition, the ability for the operator to record process information while performing tasks, simply by voice, is extremely useful and can improve process efficiency.

Once the developments were completed, one of the high-repetition machining processes for Sevilla Control was digitized with EyeFlow, aimed at providing support to the operators during the part machining process.

On the other hand, Grupo Sevilla Control presented a technical work instruction for the machining process on a Titanium part on which to generate the digitization of the process. For this, Sevilla Control has provided ARSOFT with the 3D models and the defined processes, for their digitization using the EyeFlow tool, and their visualization with the developed Mixed Reality tool.

ARSOFT's participation in IMPULSO is also key in the activities related to the integration of the different tools with the operational environment and with the digital twin of the machining to be developed in the project.

ARSOFT has worked on the development of the capacity to visualize the information extracted from the digital twin in the different XR and PC technologies. What has allowed to reproduce the visualization of IoT data through a smartphone or tablet in augmented reality, virtual reality devices, HoloLens for mixed reality and PC.

What is being the result?

The work developed by the ARSOFT team gives the user the option to navigate through the different menus of the EyeFlow Player application using voice commands. This functionality allows the operator not to have to use their hands to move forward or backward through the process. In this way, freeing him from this task, the operator has his hands free to manipulate any other tool.

All EYEFLOW functionality is now available in Mixed Reality glasses.

In addition to being able to review the design, or obtain step-by-step instructions for a process, the user is also allowed to view IoT elements as holograms such as specific values ??of assets associated with a machine, historical values, beacons... All these contents are easily generated with the EyeFlow Author platform. This is where the potential lies, since it is what allows investing in XR technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality) in a sustainable way.

For ARSOFT, the important thing is not that we say that we can provide companies with XR content for their processes with a sustainable investment, but rather that our clients and collaborators try it and see for themselves.

In this context, our colleagues from Sevilla Control tested the content positioned on the real environment to get feedback from the operators and the production manager, with satisfactory results that validate the use of Mixed Reality in industrial plants.

On the other hand, in relation to the digital twin, it is important to point out the optimization of the IoT module that ARSOFT has achieved from its content creation platform.

Thanks to projects such as IMPULSO financed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of the Government of Spain, the European Union, the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the Innovative Business Associations Cluster, at ARSOFT we continue to innovate, continue to improve and continue to validate our solutions with large companies such as Sevilla Control, Cubicoff, the Andalusia Aerospace business cluster and the innovative cybersecurity and advanced technology business group.

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