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Smart interviews

Project that aims to help candidates in their training to play a good role in job interviews. This software is also intended to facilitate the evaluation of candidates' own competencies to companies through the use of Artificial Intelligence to reduce recruitment times and improve the efficiency of the selection processes.


Our goal is to digitize your business processes, related to operational or productive aspects:

- Digitalization and/or automation of processes and workflows.

- Integration with various platforms: the solution will have APIs or Web Services for integration with other tools.

- Upgradable: you will have access to solution updates with new versions.

- Scalable: if your company grows or changes structurally, the solution will adapt to these changes.

- Compliance: compliance with the applicable regulations, specifically the Regulation regulating the invoicing obligations of Royal Decree 1619/2012, as well as any other applicable regulations.


Contact us to see how we can help your company evolve:

 +34 923 040 031


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The aim of the project is to research and develop new intelligent and flexible production environments for the manufacture of components and systems for the electric vehicle, through the use of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and collaborative robots that mimic the social behavior of ants, Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems for decentralization in the management of factories, continuous monitoring based on Artificial Vision to improve safety, efficiency and quality (and therefore sustainability) of production environments.

ARSOFT aims to develop AR and VR techniques to provide a solution to the training needs of new processes in continuous evolution of the automotive sector and the monitoring of manufacturing plants through the creation of digital twins that show in an easy and agile way the status in real time, either in situ or remotely.



ARSOFT, with its NEXTPLAT DT project, has been one of the eight companies awarded in the
awarded in the European competition XR4ALL (link)
This project introduces in the EYEFLOW platform the ability to integrate any digital twin to obtain an added value
digital twin to obtain an added value with Virtual Reality technologies,
Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality.

Research Aid

Showroom that shows the infrastructures dedicated to science and innovation of CLPU. It is a guided tour in Virtual Reality that allows you to see close to 
its different lasers without having to move or keep the strict security measures that CLPU has. Through a virtual narrator you will be able to know all the
details of their lasers.

Fostering inclusive learning for children with dyslexia

The FORDYS-VAR main objective is to provide an opportunity to improve the learning of people with dyslexia through technology, specifically Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Introducing these technologies in the process of evaluation and intervention can become a key element to improve the effectiveness of learning and the improvement of their training experience.

The transnationally approach of this project is needed because dyslexia occurs in all languages. Project activities have been implemented throughout 3 different European countries: Italy, Romania and Spain.

Leading company in the manufacture of plastic bands for food

Through Augmented Reality you can see their wide product line of conveyor belts that meet almost all the needs of internal transport. With your cell phone you can see their products from anywhere.

Innovations aerodynamics of the CRONUZ project

Touch application to present the new IDIADA car model. In it, you will be able to see all the characteristics that this model has in a very visual way. 
The design team's goal was to create a minimalist aerodynamic design concept to achieve a pure and elegant shape with solutions.

Learn with virtual reality glasses

Student app for different degrees of the Alfonso X El Sabio University with different video practices. They can do it through virtual reality glasses or with their cell phone.

We use 360º videos to give more realism and that the student can appreciate in the most realistic way possible the different details of the lesson.

Discover Bogeda Vega de Yuco's history

Vega de Yuco is a traditional Canarian winery that exudes authenticity and innovation.
The winery reveals genuine wines, very expressive and with a unique personality.

Integrated in the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin
Wines of Lanzarote, has combined for more than two decades: great artisan tradition,
technology and innovation, to create wines of extraordinary quality in their
different ranges.

With this application you will not only be able to know its winery, if not the history that surrounds it.
Through a virtual guide you will be able to know all the details through the
Augmented reality.

Smart Air Conditioner

Showroom in Virtual Reality that shows the behavior of air conditioning
and Trox cooling.

With this, the user can know which of their products is more optimal for their

Discover the best Andalusia beaches

With this application you can fly over one of the virgin beaches with largest extension of Spain. You will also discover the next actions that will be carried 
out on this beach to improve services, and that you can enjoy a new bike path, a navigable river walk and much more.

Discover different nippon gases products

Nippon gases is a company that works with industrial and medical gases in Europe. With this app you can see all their products as if you were seeing them in their factory through augmented reality.

Professional metal structures

Sample of your projects in Virtual Reality. Metalizard is a company dedicated to industrial activity is aimed at heavy boilermaking, hydro-mechanical elements, large metal structures and industrial assemblies.

Alcampo Christmas

Point with the app to our brochure and enjoy the Augmented Reality content we have prepared for you and especially for the little ones, they will love it! In addition, when you find in our catalog of toys the Augmented Reality brand, you can point with the application to see how that toy comes to life. We have designed this application for the little ones, and the not so little ones, to enjoy the latest technologies in the happiest time of the year.


Advanced solutions for medical challenges

Application dedicated to medical training with practical examples that can be carried out
through Virtual Reality.

Medical Studium

Virtual Reality Simulator in which you can see different ways of showing
human anatomy.

It is an educational application that helps students to reinforce their
knowledge in an interactive and more visual way.