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Smart interviews

Project that aims to help candidates in their training to play a good role in job interviews. This software is also intended to facilitate the evaluation of candidates' own competencies to companies through the use of Artificial Intelligence to reduce recruitment times and improve the efficiency of the selection processes.

Fostering inclusive learning for children with dyslexia

The FORDYS-VAR main objective is to provide an opportunity to improve the learning of people with dyslexia through technology, specifically Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Introducing these technologies in the process of evaluation and intervention can become a key element to improve the effectiveness of learning and the improvement of their training experience.

The transnationally approach of this project is needed because dyslexia occurs in all languages. Project activities have been implemented throughout 3 different European countries: Italy, Romania and Spain.

Leading company in the manufacture of plastic bands for food

Through Augmented Reality you can see their wide product line of conveyor belts that meet almost all the needs of internal transport. With your cell phone you can see their products from anywhere.

Discover different nippon gases products

Nippon gases is a company that works with industrial and medical gases in Europe. With this app you can see all their products as if you were seeing them in their factory through augmented reality.

Learn with virtual reality glasses

Student app for different degrees of the Alfonso X El Sabio University with different video practices. They can do it through virtual reality glasses or with their cell phone.

We use 360º videos to give more realism and that the student can appreciate in the most realistic way possible the different details of the lesson.

Alcampo Christmas

Point with the app to our brochure and enjoy the Augmented Reality content we have prepared for you and especially for the little ones, they will love it! In addition, when you find in our catalog of toys the Augmented Reality brand, you can point with the application to see how that toy comes to life. We have designed this application for the little ones, and the not so little ones, to enjoy the latest technologies in the happiest time of the year.