Thanks to new technologies we can transform the training and production processes that are carried out in the industries to improve the competitiveness of the companies. Augmented Reality, combining advanced computer vision algorithms can provide businesses with a system able to guide operators during the different phases of an industrial process.

Our systems are able to recognize the different parts of an engine or machinery, and therefore detect at what stage of the process is the operator and indicate the actions that have to be done with Augmented Reality, which makes it really easy to follow the steps to complete the process successfully.

Finally, what we get is to improve the competitiveness of the company through improving learning curves in the process of training and improving the production time, since the time spent in consulting technical details is significantly reduced.

Augmented Reality in the industry is one of the fields that will grow in the coming years, thanks to improvement possibilities offered by this new technology and last advances in this field.

And with the arrival of augmented reality glasses and other wearable devices, these systems can be fully integrated into the day-to-day work. As shown in the following pictures, in addition to be guided step by step, you can also learn the entire process, with online or e-learning training through Augmented Reality.


While the following video includes a really simple process, as is the change of a toner in a printer, we can extrapolate the same system to more complex processes, as the philosophy deployed is the same: to recognize what I see and create the scene in Augmented Reality to provide explanations on the actions to do.

The point is to be able to recognize the object. While other companies uses markers or QR codes to identify it, we recognize the object itself. This is not possible with every object in the world, but it can be done with most of them.

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