Augmented Reality in Industry

Augmented Reality glasses are an example of a device that seamlessly integrates software systems in the daily work of a technical operator without interfering with their work.


Augmented Reality consists on adding virtual elements to our reality, but first we must recognize the objects that we have around us. Although there are very powerful tools already developed to build augmented reality applications, providing developers a module for image recognition, these tools are not able to recognize most of the objects we see in our daily lives. In Arsoft we have developed our own technology, which allows us to implement more complex systems with Augmented Reality.

Sistema de reconocimiento para Industria

In this way in ARSOFT we want to take Augmented Reality to the industrial world, transforming the traditional production processes in intelligent production processes, which will improve the efficiency and the operators learning curve, increasing the competitiveness of the company. In addition, the system identifies the risks that may occur at different stages alerting de operators, being an augmented reality risk control system.

These systems can be applied in any company working with complex processes, from companies in the automotive or aviation industry, to industrial assembly companies. You can also create an user manual in augmented reality for complex machines, this way anyone will be able to perform not only the simple tasks but also the most complex ones.

In the following video we can see how to guide a user in order to change the toner in a printer. What is interesting here is that instead of a printer it could be the engine of a vehicle, and that could easily show how to perform a reparation.

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