Tracking systems are increasingly in demand in society. In Arsoft we develop tracking systems for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Indoor Guidance System

Recently there is much talk about indoor guidance but, how do you get it? There are different possibilities:

  • GPS location (problem: the GPS signal is often not available inside buildings)
  • Location with sensors such as wireless access points (problem: cost-plus pricing)

We do not use GPS signal, and we do not use sensors either.


In Arsoft we have made an improvement as far as indoor guidance is concerned: no need to install any sensor on the infrastructure, and of course neither the GPS signal is required.

This is possible because GPSin is able to recognize the environment in which the user is and guide him to his destination using Augmented Reality. Now getting lost inside the buildings will be your choice…


As a result we obtain a guidance system with a much more competitive price than other similar systems on the market. Our customers will not need to install any type of sensor in the building, so they won’t spend any costs of acquisition and maintenance of beacons, WiFi points or similar devices.

This system may be very useful in large manufacturing plants, hospitals, nuclear power plants, big government buildings, offices…

Outdoor Guidance System

The constant location and monitoring of the various resources of our company can make a difference in many fields:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Car rental
  • Route tracing and tracking
  • Sporting events

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