21 Jul

Urban robotics parasites

Gilberto Esparza is somewhat different from other artist. This visionary has created a set of robots that feed electricity grids and whose function is to form part of the urban environment. They are what we call urban artist parasites, and there are different families of these parasites.

These parasites are part of the urban space, both with his own presence as noise emissions, so we can say we are a city’s inhabitants.

It is clear that before we think we will start seeing robots walking the streets as a person, and this is the proof.

It is very curious how these robots to parasites that can be found in nature seem. This is the case CLGD, which has been classified as the family of poleápodos helminths and resembles a worm, at least in their movements.

The technology continues to surprise not every day is exciting to live this race for innovation and technological progress, we need only look 15 years back to realize how far we have come almost without realizing it. Recently we had no phones and now we take in watches, glasses and miniaturized devices. In fact, now the robots have become parasites living in our cities feeding electricity networks!

Parásitos Urbanos (Trailer) from dalia huerta cano on Vimeo.

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