What is AR Remote Assistance?

Our remote assistance system has been evolving for years, learning and adapting to the different problems we have encountered thanks to feedback from our clients.

If you’re interested in having a tool that will enable you to quickly resolve different incidents remotely, contact us and try our solution.

What is AR Remote Assistance for?
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Technicians can contact specialists immediately
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Fluid communication in industrial settings
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Instructions with augmented reality
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The expert can interact with the environment
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Two-way sending of videos, images and documents
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Multi-platform: available for AR glasses, mobile devices, PC and web browsers

How does it work?
The technician asks for assistance from an expert to resolve an incident
The expert accepts the request
The expert provides instructions, leveraging the full potential of the tool
  • Technical

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  • Assistance

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  • Assistant

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  • Assistant

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Rapid return on investment

Avoid production shutdowns

Save unnecessary travel

Improve your corporate image

Flexible system that can adapt to each business

Continuous development: Regular feature launches

Integration with other systems

Invite external users with no aditional licenses

No investment in additional hardware