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ARSOFT arouses the interest of visitors at DES 2022

ARSOFT arouses the interest of visitors at DES 2022

Digital Enterprise Show (DES 2022) has closed its first edition in Malaga with great success. More than 14,000 attendees interested in technologies related to the digital transformation, such as those developed by ARSOFT have passed through this technology fair.

And it is that if something has been seen in DES 2022, it is that more and more companies are betting on this type of technology and decide to implement them in the development of processes such as those related to training or maintenance.

During the three days that the fair has lasted, on June 14, 15, and 16, dozens of people came to the ARSOFT stand to learn more about the Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality solutions we offer for the sector of the industry. Many have been able to put on VR glasses and be part of a simulator, but not only that. In DES 2022, we have also designed manuals to guide operators with Augmented and Mixed Reality, and we have accessed the information of a Digital Twin from virtual environments.

In this context, we have also introduced EYEFLOW. It is the only platform that allows easy digitization of industrial processes with the three XR technologies, with a drag and drop system. Anyone can easily create advanced virtual reality and augmented reality content in record time without programming a single line of code. This platform improves the performance of industrial processes, reduces human errors linked to processes, installations and maintenance, and exponentially improves the learning process.

On the other hand, ARSOFT attended this fair to present NEXTMED. Thanks to XR technologies, a project that allows improving of diagnoses and surgical procedures. It represents a true revolution in the way doctors study radiological results. It is the first commercial platform in the world that covers the entire process from obtaining medical images to view them with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. This represents a considerable cost reduction thanks to a fully industrialized system.

Other activities were added to these demonstrations that allowed ARSOFT to create synergies with other companies in the sector. Santiago González, CEO ARSOFT had the opportunity to participate in several meetings with national and international experts to address, among other topics, the trends in the XR industry sector and the rise of Digital Twins, but not only. He also demonstrated to those present on the application of XR technologies in the industry.

In addition to the attendees, in this year's edition, the presence of Barack Obama stood out. The former president of the United States offered a conference in which he valued human talent and the importance of countries investing in innovation.