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Devices for using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Devices for using Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Are you familiar with the different devices that can support XR technologies?  
  • For Virtual Reality you can use multiple devices that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the virtual world, such as the META “Meta Quest Pro” headset or the Pico 4 headset. 




  • For Augmented Reality, a Smartphone or Tablet are ideal. This technology allows virtual elements to be placed on an image or on the ground, allowing you to access virtual information in your environment through a compatible device. 




  • In Mixed Reality we can combine the real and virtual environment with a more complete immersion and a greater capacity for interaction, for this we need mixed reality hedsets that are capable of supporting this type of technology such as the new Apple headsets “Apple Vision Pro”, the already famous HoloLens, or other types of devices that use cameras instead of lenses, called “pass through devices”, and the VARJO XR-3 headset. 



The choice of one device or another depends entirely on what you want to use it for. At ARSOFT we can help you make the best decision. 


If you have questions about how to use these devices, feel free to contact our team