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Use of XR technologies in the automotive sector

Use of XR technologies in the automotive sector

The advancement of XR technologies, commonly known as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality, is unstoppable. We see it in companies from numerous sectors that, in recent years, have seen how this type of technology has become the perfect ally to improve their production processes and be more competitive.

In this context, the automotive industry is one of the most experienced advantages of using XR technologies.

Specifically, for OEMs, improving specific training processes by digitizing the training provided using Virtual or Augmented Reality is of great interest. This is also of interest to train defect detection and thus improve quality inspection processes.

As for machinery maintenance teams, it is possible to digitize their know-how to have virtual manuals that show in 3D step-by-step how to carry out a particular maintenance task. In this way, dependence on certain members of these teams, who have internalized, based on years of experience, the knowledge of specific machinery is reduced.

However, to benefit from the advantages offered by this type of technology, companies must go to experts who advise them and help them implement them. At ARSOFT we have extensive experience in helping automotive companies apply Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in their processes, thus proving to be one of the most efficient and sustainable.

We do all this thanks to our content creation platform: EYEFLOW. An authoring platform allows you to easily create interactive Virtual Reality simulators and Augmented Reality procedures at a cost more than ten times lower than traditional XR content.

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