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Augmented Reality in the industrial sector

Augmented Reality in the industrial sector

Augmented Reality in the industrial sector


Applications of Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0 are intended to support technicians in the real work environment.


Through Augmented Reality, the user can view the step-by-step procedures of the task to be performed or even receive visual instructions in real time from experts with remote assistance systems.





Augmented Reality allows technicians to have instant access to essential information visually and interactively.


Get maximum efficiency for your organization by standardizing technical operations, minimizing intervention times and errors. 



Use cases of Augmented Reality in the industry.




Monitor the entire production process, as well as its supervision.


Customize or desing a product.


Have a global vision of the manufacture of a product, breakdown of the layers that compose it, etc.




3D presentations for elements that are difficult to display.


Guided by plants and factories. 




Task schedulingand work management.


Visual indications of the purchase






Train operators though text explanetions that appear in Augmented Reality images.


Training in real environments adding extra information, or even simulating those real environments that perhaps due tu availability or location are not always accessible.


Examine in a direct and practical way.




Maintenance and support:


Help in teh detection of problems in the workplace, indicating the physical points to check.


Make visual indications from a remote support, being able to have the most centralized expertise.


Helps optimize tasks guidance in exteriors and interiors.